Jesse appeared on WNYC’s Soundcheck recently with legendary host, John Schaefer. They discussed his new album, Silver Balloon, and Jesse performed several songs with co-producer Kenny Wollesen on drums, Eric Lane keys, James Buckley bass and Mads Jensen harmonies. Listen here.

Have you heard Silver Balloon yet?
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Co-produced and performed by Jesse with Kenny Wollesen over ten days in the winter of this year, Silver Balloon experiments with sound and texture, featuring 9 new songs, plus a new version of “Shadow.”

For those who could not attend the screening at The Roxy Cinema in New York, the full cut is now available on YouTube.

secret sun releases:
the hottest state soundtrack on vinyl
cosmo “but when?”
jon dryden “trio”
mads jensen “iris” single
todd clouser “time is a healer”

Cosmo has just recorded a new album titled “Spring Song,” which will be out this year.

Jesse co-produced, co-wrote many songs, and played guitar on Gabi Hartmann’s debut album, out now on Sony Masterworks France.

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